FAN India Meeting - Jan 2018

Faculty Alumni Network (FAN) India Meeting
20th - 21st January 2018
Venue - Hotel Taj Exotica Goa

Smart and Sustainable cities

Theme of the Symposium:

The future of Future cities is a topic of great concern for India. Considering that urbanization is happening at a rapid and unstructured pace, it is imperative that sustainability and smartness be built into the DNA of India’s urban centres. Otherwise, the future of cities in India is bleak. 

The Government of India has rechristened one program, and started two other programs with the objective of building in sustainability and smartness into the transformation of cities in India, while ensuring that our built and cultural heritage are not destroyed during the process of urban transformation – AMRUT, Smart Cities, and HRIDAY programs.

The objective of the FAN Symposium is to bring together faculty from IIT Bombay, alumni, and friends of IIT Bombay on a common platform to discuss the possibilities of future mutual engagement in a particular thematic area of current interest to the nation and IIT Bombay. Thus, the theme of this year’s Faculty Alumni Network (FAN) Symposium hosted by IIT Bombay, which is “Smart and Sustainable Cities”, is particularly appropriate.

This Symposium, for ease of depth in discussions, is further divided into four mini-symposia: Mobility, Environment, ICT and Urban Design. However, for obvious reasons, there would be significant overlap in the discussions, and at the conclusion of the symposium it is expected that a clear road-map would be prepared for future engagement in specific projects that would have an impact on future urbanization and urban transformation.