Theme of the Symposium

Diamond Jubilee FAN symposium Oct 2018

The alumni of IIT Bombay established a Faculty Alumni Network (FAN) comprising of alumni in faculty and research positions across the world. FAN was created with the primary intent of assisting IIT Bombay recruit top faculty members into its folds and to facilitate creation of research collaboration opportunities.

In order to assist IIT Bombay, in its efforts, to become a world-class research and teaching centre, an activity was initiated and organized by the FAN group including a Symposium to promote discussions and interactions amongst faculty in IIT Bombay and their counterparts in other universities across the world. Over the years, these Symposia have been impactful and has resulted in enhancing significant research collaborations. Another activity that FAN has enabled is in helping IIT Bombay recruit faculty – by spreading the word, interviewing potential candidates, and enhancing the image of the Institute.

2018 happens to be a milestone year for IIT Bombay. The Institute has completed 60 years of existence and it has been bestowed upon the honour of being selected as one of the six Institutes of Eminence by Government of India. At 60 years, the institute is mature enough to be the torch bearer for taking the country through to next level of developments in the areas of education and research, and creating a real impact on the society.

The Diamond Jubilee FAN symposium is an excellent opportunity for all of us to think about role that the Institute should be playing on a global stage. This FAN Symposium is focusing on a broad range of impact areas including; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Energy, Healthcare, Smart Manufacturing and Sustainability. Through this symposium, we would like to chart a course for making an impact in the abovementioned areas over the next 15 years in time for our Platinum Jubilee.