Plenary Session - Healthcare

The Diamond Jubilee Faculty Alumni Network (FAN) Symposium (US)

Date: Saturday, 13th October 2018


  The spectacular advancements achieved in the field of proteomics research during the last decade have propelled the growth of proteomics for life science research. Proteomics data comprehensively measure multi-layered molecular networks and provide a comprehensive overview of biological processes in a cell or organism. Omics studies are essential for the systemic investigation of biological systems, an endeavour that is crucial to improve our ability to manage and cure diseases, identify drug targets, understand regulatory cascades, and predict ecosystem responses to environmental changes. Our group at IIT Bombay, and other studies has provided novel insights not previously possible, including early indications of vulnerabilities to specific diseases. In the near future personal omics studies will become routine and will inevitably result in vast and diverse volumes of omics data. I will present our recent clinical proteomics projects (especially brain tumours) and plans for India’s participation in Cancer Moonshot India project.