Plenary Session - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The Diamond Jubilee Faculty Alumni Network (FAN) Symposium (US)

Date: Saturday, 13th October 2018

Venue: The Koret Taube Conference Center, SIEPR, John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn Building,
366 Galvez St, Stanford, CA 94305

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

   The last decade has witnessed the remarkable growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its entry into everyday life. The metamorphosis of the field owes in part to the arrival of pervasive communication networks that deliver digital data, faster computers, and cheaper sensors. The key conceptual advance that has fuelled AI is the principle of building models from data, formalised under the sub-field of Machine Learning (ML). The "game-changing" nature of AI/ML, whose applications span different sectors, has prompted companies, governments, and organisations alike to invest in the area and incorporate it in their roadmaps. It is against this backdrop that the AI/ML session at FAN is planned. The session will be attended by scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of R&D in AI/ML. A major portion of the session will be devoted to technical presentations of the state-of-the-art in the field. The session will also include a panel discussion on "AI and education", which will examine how today's young population can be trained to become developers of AI, and how AI itself can play a role in facilitating a large-scale skilling programme.