The Alumni of IIT Bombay have established a Faculty Alumni Network (FAN) group that comprises of alumni who are in faculty and research positions. FAN was created under the auspices of IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation (IITBHF) over a decade ago with the primary goals of assisting IITB recruit top faculty members, and to facilitate creation of research collaboration opportunities.

FAN members form a network and community of IIT Bombay alumni with backgrounds as researchers, university faculty, students, and administrators. FAN 's goals are to assist IIT Bom bay in its efforts to becom e a world-class research and teaching center. The group has been active in the United States where approximately 200 Alumni are in faculty positions at various Universities.

An activity that has been initiated and organized by the FAN group includes a Symposium to promote discussions and interactions amongst faculty in IIT Bombay and their counterparts in other Universities. These Symposia have been impactful and resulted in enhancing significant collaborations. Another activity that FAN has enabled is in helping IIT Bombay in recruiting of faculty – by spreading the word, interviewing potential candidates, and enhancing the image of the institute.

Upcoming Symposium (All invited to attend):

Faculty Alumni Network (FAN) symposium

October 13th, 2018

Venue - Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)